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About The Violet Heart and Ronaye Ireland

Healing has been my life. As a little girl I helped my mother with migraine issues and in my 20'sI became involved in healing over 30 years ago and apprenticed with a natural healer and psychic.
I integrated the tools I learned with the effectiveness of Flower Essences and gathered essences from several sources, including Bach and FES remedies, to compliment the healing I offered my clients.  Gradually, my practice led to a three-year Integrative Energy Healing program offered by Langara College in Vancouver, BC.  I graduated in June 2009 and opened The Violet Heart. Of course, it didn't stop there! Since then I traveled to Brazil and fell in love with the work that John of God was doing, resulting in bringing back a Crystal Bed. In June 2015 I deepened my love for sound healing and became an Integral Sound Massage Therapist.
However, I do not believe that I am the healer. It takes the person 'wanting' the healing to be open to the universal energy of the Divine, however that looks to you. I am merely walking by your side by aiding your journey towards wholeness. There are three qualities or practices one needs to heal: prayer or dedication towards healing something, letting go and letting in, and thirdly, gratitude.

Why The Violet Heart?
During a meditation I witnessed a powerful  image and healing power of a violet heart and the The Violet Heart Studio was born. The image has subsequently manifested into a direct experience that my clients have felt in the treatment sessions.  People experience many different qualities during the treatments including spiritual awakenings,  purple waves of colour flooding their consciousness and many felt their hearts open with abundant love. I knew then that the Violet Heart image offered immense healing, and that I was a conduit for this gentle and healing work.
My passion is to empower individuals to find true happiness, inner peace and discover personal healing. through their own body wisdom. Through the use of breath work, visualizations and a personal intention for healing, my clients have found tremendous peace, healing and joy.
Periodic treatments are beneficial for those interested in increasing their energy, expanding or integrating their energy field, and creating a sense of peace or re-aligning the energy field. I recommend five to seven treatments for healing chronic conditions or intentions. My clients have recognized the value of multiple sessions to establish new habit forms to integrate or re-set their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy fields.
My studio is  in North Vancouver - close to the mountains, rivers, forests and sea, a place of constant solace and rejuvenation.
Integrative Healing Sessions - 1 to 1 1/2  hour session for $75.00
Crystal Healing Sessions  30 minutes $45.00
                                             40 minutes $60.00
                                              60 minutes $80.00                                                 
Integral Sound Massage: $75.00
Essences: $20.00 for a personalized bottle and energy field set up
Mon - Fri: 4:00pm - 9:00pm
Sat - Sun: flexible hours
Ronaye Ireland
  • Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Crystal Bed Therapy
  • Integral Sound Practitioner
  • Flower Essences

I had chronic shoulder pain and within 2 sessions I was able to life my arm directly above my head. The next time I experienced some pain, I was able to utilize the tools she shared with me and I healed myself!
JT, North Vancouver BC

Ronaye is the real thing! She is a natural healer.
EM, New Westminster BC

I feel so light, all the heaviness is gone. It was interesting to use the images that Ronaye suggested. With the images I was able to let go of so much, and I can use the tools that she suggested to help me in my day to day struggles. I can’t wait to see her again!
HG, Vancouver
Ronaye is a natural intuitive healer.I have found that working with Ronaye has allowed me to feel more grounded, to release old issues, reduce anxiety and pain, and to just generally feel more myself.  She helps me to focus and direct my own healing energy in the areas that are important to me.  I would recommend her to anyone.
EZ,Vancouver, BC
I had some chronic hip pain that just wouldn't go away. Ronaye helped me see the origin of the pain, and to release it in a gentle, non-invasive way. It has absolutely gone where all other  healing modalities failed.
BC, North Vancouver, BC
I had some anger issues. Ronaye showed me the power of the breath and how to listen to my body's wisdom. I felt movement that I had never experienced before and I realized the power of love as a flip side to my anger. Now, when I experience anger, I remember the tools I learned and to invoke my breath and to tune into the love that I experienced in her presence.
J.R,  India
I had chronic shoulder pain and was unable to move my arm up past 30 degrees. After the second session, I was able to move my arm freely and the pain was gone. I was also able to recognize when the old patterns started to come back, an with the tools that Ronaye showed me, I was able to heal myself!
JR, North Vancouver, BC
I am 90 years old and thought that nothing would help my anxiety about my health problems. Ronaye worked with me in a way that was highly supportive and she had wonderful insights into how to utilize my imagination to my benefit.. I always felt so incredibly peaceful and rested after a treatment.
KR, West Vancouver, BC
Ronaye was brilliant in how she used her words and helped me access my  personal  archetypes. Once I was able to go beyond my mental processes and utilize the symbols available to me, I moved 'mountains' of old, stuck energy and felt immense freedom and excitement in this process.
TH, Vancouver, BC

I have never in my life felt more relaxing than how the Sound Massage left me. It was totally amazing!
ER, West Vancouver

Normally I am very weak and don't feel any chi in my my lower body. I could actually feel the energy moving in my legs - it was moving up through my legs and circulated around my body. My hands were hot and they are always very cold. I can't believe how incredible this treatment methodology is! Thank you so much.
CG, North Vancouver

The power in these crystals is incredible. I can feel it even before I get under the crystals. This is definitely one of the most stunning experiences I have ever had.
KM, North Vancouver, BC

I have serious problems of depression and this (Crystal Bed) made me feel like a big load was lifted. Thank you!
KB, North Vancouver, BC

I felt as though there was a real physical healing taking place. (Crystal Bed)
AB, West Vancouver, BC

Awesome! I feel amazingly clear, quiet and as though I am transported into a world of subtle sweetness. Thank you! (Crystal Bed)
TB, North Vancouver, BC

There are no words to actually describe this (Crystal Bed) experience; it’s altogether another dimension and healing takes place on every level, from the cellular to a very high level of spiritual work.
JO, North Vancouver, BC